The Importance of Engagement Photos

There are lot’s of reasons why it’s important to take engagement photos and even though you may feel completely overwhelmed with your wedding “to do” list, be sure to make time for this. The engagement photo session is without a doubt one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding.  I include them in all my wedding collections because, to be honest, they really aren’t about added value, they are about practicing together. It’s about all of us spending a little time together, getting to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere, and finding our groove so when the big day comes, we are completely comfortable together. Establishing a relationship with your photographer before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.

Engagement couple I spend about an hour or so with couples watching, listening, getting to know them, and photographing them all at the same time. I observe how they interact with each other, their personalities, and even quirks. For example, I have a friend who blinks every single time the shutter fires. She seems to have “shutter ESP”. I just don’t know, but we always had lots of photos with closed eyes until I figured out a way to trick her. These are the kind of mental notes that will help me to anticipate and capture images on the wedding day that are unique to a couple. It also gives you a chance to tell me ahead of time if there are shots or angles you do not care for. Communication is key.

I suggest getting your engagement pictures taken as soon as possible. The closer you get to your wedding the less time you have to accomplish all that needs to get done. Have your engagement photos taken at a location that is important or that has some meaning to the two of you. This could be a place you got engaged or a first date, it could be at a place you both like to spend time, or something you like to do together. I find that couples feel more at ease in an environment they are familiar with.

engagement sessionEngagement photos are great for “Save the Day” cards, to give as gifts to parents, or even to include in your albums. You can submit a photo to the local paper to announce your engagement—parents love that! Even if you don’t plan to make any type of formal announcement, I can promise you, once you see your engagement images, you will have more confidence in yourselves and in your photographer. On the wedding day you will look forward to having your picture taken, instead of worrying about having a camera pointed at you all day.


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