Corey & Suzanne—Fort Macon Engagement Photos at Atlantic Beach

Corey and Suzanne have a super fab wedding planned this summer at The Boathouse at in Beaufort and I can’t wait to photograph it! Meanwhile we needed to get those engagement photos taken so they could send out “Save the Day” cards. We decided to take advantage of the lovely brickwork at Fort Macon and then as the sun started down, we’d walk across the parking lot to shoot at Atlantic Beach. Because it was particularly windy (and a very cold February day), I decided to stop and check out the beach conditions beforehand and I was glad I did. There was nowhere to hide from the blowing sand. Not behind a dune. Not behind a jetty. Nowhere! So unless you were jonesing for a “sand sandwich” it was back to Fort Macon arches and brickwork. As I always do, I asked them to consider bringing something unique to them to use as a prop and wow, did they come through! Corey had proposed over Christmas with a custom made ornament so they brought it with them and we used it for a couple of shots. Honestly, it was just tooooo cute!  So out of the cold wind and with some extra snuggling, Suzanne and Corey scored some great engagement pictures. I think their flexibility bodes well for their future, don’t you?


Engagement Couple

Engage 3


Engagement Photos

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