John + Melissa—Engagement session with a Pitbull named Savage


I am a non-discriminating dog lover…all shapes all sizes. So when couples ask me—often in an almost embarrassed kind of way—if they can include their dog (or dogs) in a photo session, I always answer with a resounding “YES”!  When Melissa booked me to photograph their October wedding, she mentioned that her fiancé John would really like to bring the dog along on their engagement session. And that is how, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I came to meet Savage, a rescued Pitbull. He was big, strong and had a goofy grin on his face the entire shoot. You could clearly see he was devoted to John who has nursed him through some serious health issues. Melissa had warned me from the beginning that she was very uncomfortable in front of the camera (I think most of us can identify with that) but with the dog as a distraction, she and John quickly fell into their comfort zone. We found a field of wild Phlox and while Melissa and John snuggled and whispered sweet secrets to each other for the camera, Savage investigated all the new smells, occasionally stopping to give us his best “I am a handsome, proud dog” pose. I don’t necessarily think W.C.Fields was right about never working with children or dogs. In many cases, I think they bring out the best in us.


Melissa&John-7505185 Melissa&John-7505137 Melissa&John-7504804


Melissa&John-7505108engagement session

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