Senior Photo Session, Atlantic Beach—Haley rocks it out!


I like to know a little about my seniors before we have a photo session, so when I asked Haley what she liked and she replied “My cats, the beach, and music”, I was an instant fan. Those are some of my favorite things too so I knew we would get along great. When she showed up at the appointed meeting place, I felt like the luckiest photog alive…she is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, Jennifer Aniston beautiful!!! And the icing on the cake? Super smart. This 17 year old just graduated a year early and is planning a career in Nursing. Beauty AND brains! It doesn’t get any better than that!

By late afternoon, the light  in the dunes was perfect

By late afternoon, the light in the dunes was perfect

senior photo 3

We found lot’s of good spots for photos along the pathways out to the beach

Senior photo session

This spot along the nature trail at Ft Macon is one of my favorite spots for photos

senior photo session portrait

I was amazed at how much Haley resembles Jennifer Aniston

dramatic senior photo

We made a point of really mixing it up between soft and sweet and edgy looking photos

Senior 6

Love the shoes but navigating the bricks with them took a special skill!

Beach photos at senior session

A little old fashion beach glamour!

Senior session at Atlantic Beach

What you don’t see here is her entire entourage watching this senior session from the Oceanana Pier!

Senior photo under pier

Haley works the wind!

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